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Bingo & Casino

Bingo Information

You must work your bingo’s or casino to be eligible for finals and year end awards.   Juniors or anyone under the age of 18 can do a bingo buyout for $250 or have someone work it for you. 


Little Cowgirls can have someone work 1 bingo for them or pay a bingo buyout of $125.

DEADLINE FOR BUYOUT IS JULY  (date to be confirmed).  


If you sign up before March 1st you requirements are two (2) bingo’s or one casino shift.  If you sign up after March 1st you will be required to sign up for three (3).  You do not have to work the bingo before March 1st, you just need to book your dates.

Casino Information 

We are currently waiting on our dates for 2021/2022 Year.

One Casino Shift is equal to working two bingo's.

Bingo/Casino Director:

Kim Welter

Phone: (403) 816-6327


Bingo Barn Address

#10, 1107 33rd Street NE

Calgary, Alberta T2A 6T2

Casino Address:

1420 Meridan Road NE

Calgary, Alberta 

Bingo requirements have been waived for 2021 Finals qualifications.   You will be credited 1 bingo for 2022 season if you worked your two bingos for the 2021 year.  If you have not worked any bingos yet then you will have to work your bingos and they will count towards 2022 season.

Below is a list of members who worked two bingos and have one credited to the 2022 season.  

Bingo Start Times

Early Morning - 8:00 AM

Afternoon - 10:30 AM

Evening - 4:30 PM

Late Evening - 8:45 PM

Bingo Dates for 2022 Season

2022 Bingo Season

2021 Dates that count towards 2022 Season:

  • August 3rd - Tuesday Evening

  • August 17th - Tuesday Afternoon

  • September - confirming date

  • October 31- Sunday - Double Header - Evening and Late evening

  • November 24th Wednesday evening

2022 Dates:

  • January 15th - Saturday Afternoon

  • January 28th - Friday Afternoon

  • February 27th - Sunday - Double Header- Evening and Late Evening

  • April 9 - Saturday - Double Header - Evening and Late Evening

  • May 22,- Sunday-  Double Header - Evening and Late Evening

  • June 4,   Saturday - Double Header - Evening and Late Evening.