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2022 Rodeo Schedule

Rodeo Schedule & Results

                               2024 Membership Rodeo
                                 October 14th and 15th
                               High River Rodeo Grounds

Entries:  Online open Monday October 2nd 
Phone Entries open Tuesday, October 3rd - 5pm-9pm (403)563-5212

You do not need to purchase your membership in advance for this rodeo.  Fill out your membership form (will be posted soon) and bring with you to the rodeo and pay when you pay your fees.  If you enter and are a no show you will be required to pay your fees plus a turnout fine. 

  • AGM 10 am Saturday - Rodeo will not start until 1.5 hours after AGM.  Agenda items must be submitted no later than Monday, October 9th. If the items are not on agenda, they are not up for discussion

  • Start Time Sunday 9am.

  • Order of events:

    • Cow Riding - Saturday

    • Poles - Open/Jr/LC​

    • Cows - Sunday

    • Tie Down

    • Jr Goats

    • Open Goats

    • Jr Breakaway

    • Team Roping

    • Intermission

    • Barrels - Open/Jr/LC

    • Breakaway

    • Steer Undecorating

2023 Champions

Pole Bending - Tammy Maddox
Junior Poles - Erika Webb
Little Cowgirls Poles - Clara Boxma
Tie Down - Jennifer Schuk
Jr. Goats - Emma Webb
Open Goats - Matea Lloyd
Jr Breakaway - Ava Boxma
Open Breakaway - Matea Lloyd
Team Roping - Header:  Brittany Kaiser                                Heeler:  Priscilla Keates
Barrel Racing - Brittany Kaiser
Jr Barrels - Erika Webb
Little Cowgirl Barrels - Kyler Schwerdt
Steer Undecorating - Cassidy Clark
Cow Riding - Paige Dicks

Open All Around - Nadine Jensen
Jr All Around - Reese Litchenberger
Open Rookie - Tammy Maddox
Jr Rookie - Layton Chamberlain
Little Cowgirl Rookie - Clara Boxma

Open Working Horse
*Red, Owned by Kim Welter

Junior Working Horse
*Scarlett, Owned by Reese Litchenberger

Cowgirl of the Year - Priscilla Keates

2023 Rodeo Results

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