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Members Page

Member Bulletin Board

For information on purchasing a membership,  please click on  Membership Form above.  Memberships must be purchased by noon day online entries open and must be received via e-transfer.

2024 Membership Form & Information

(Click above for membership form)

CGRA Events

Open (Fees $25/event)

  • Pole Bending

  • Barrel Racing

  • Goat Tying

  • Breakaway Roping

  • Tie Down Roping

  • Team Roping (Option to enter twice)

  • Steer Undecorating

  • Cow Riding

Juniors (Fees $15/event)

  • Pole Bending

  • Barrel Racing

  • Goat Tying

  • Breakaway Roping

Little Cowgirls (Fees $10/event)

  • Pole Bending

  • Barrel Racing

*Fees do not include:

*tractor fee of $7 for Barrels and Poles

*stock charge of $10 per run for all stock events

*CEO Fees $5 for open and $3 for Junior/Little Cowgirls

*Committee Gate fee to a max of $10 for open and $5 for Junior/Little Cowgirls


Entering a CGRA Rodeo

1. Go to Rodeo Schedule page

2. Follow the link beside Online Entries under the rodeo you would like to enter

3. Fill in all the *required areas on the entry form

4. Once you submit your entry, make sure you receive a confirmation to the email you provided.


Entry Phone Number: (403) 563-5212

Phone entries are from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM on the specified date.

Turnout Information

1. The Central Entry office must be notified by phone or email of any turnout.

2. There will be no drawing out after position is drawn, without a doctor’s release or a veterinarian’s certificate.

3. C.G.R.A. member’s entry fees in a rodeo are guaranteed by the C.G.R.A. Where a member turns out of a C.G.R.A. approved event(s) the C.G.R.A. will pay all entry fees, and the Board of Directors will levy a turn out fine for each day in the amount stated below, plus the entry fee amount, and CEO fees plus tractor and stock fee. The fine must be paid before the member can compete at the next rodeo.

4. Turn out fines should not exceed entry fees. Ladies fine will be $25 per rodeo. Junior Fine will be $15 per rodeo. Lil Cowgirls will be $10 per rodeo.

5. Contestants turning out stock at any time will receive no time or marking for that go- round, but will be eligible to compete on all other stock. Contestant will not be eligible for average money in the event in which the stock is turned out.

6. A contestant will be disqualified for not being ready to contest when called.

7. In Team Roping:

A. In the case of injury/medical release to one (1) partner, or a turn-out of one (1) partner, the remaining partner may pick up a second partner so long as she is not already entered twice in the Team Roping. The alternate must be entered in the rodeo.

B. In the event one member turns out in Team Roping, replacement partner gets the points. The turn-out partner in Team Roping must pay fees and turn-out fine. Replacement partner must pay fees and stock fees.

C. Entry fees for the turn out partner will go into the general account (not into the payout).

Medical & Vet Release

1. Contestants using medical and/or vet releases, must notify the Payout or Rodeo Office within twenty-four (24) hours of completion of the rodeo.

2. A veterinarian’s or doctor’s certificate must be received by the C.G.R.A. within three (3) days of the rodeo.

3. A contestant submitting a doctor’s release or veterinarian’s certificate may not compete at another rodeo for five (5) clear days.

4. Only two (2) veterinarian certificates can be submitted in one (1) year.

5. Upon submission of a veterinarian or doctor’s release, entry fees will not be payable, but central entry fee will be applied.

6. Judges will be permitted to do a “visual” vet or medical release at a C.G.R.A. rodeo. The contestant must pay their fees, however no fine will be imposed.

7. If, in the opinion of the judge(s), or as stated on a doctor’s release, a contestant is unable to compete in a particular event because of injury, she may withdraw. This does not prevent her from competing in other events in which she may be entered.

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