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2024 CGRA Rodeo Draws

CGRA Claresholm Draw

Click Here to View the Saturday, May 24 Draw 

Click Here to View the Sunday, May 25 Draw

Rodeo Details: 


Contact the Agriplex: or 403-625-2410

If booked and payed before Fri May 24 at 3 pm then:

Stalls - $35 for Weekend
Power - $30 for Weekend

If payed for on-site then $5 late fee applies:

Stalls - $40 for Weekend

Power - $35 for Weekend

There are some pens available. Pens are priced the same as stalls (per horse). No self-penning or tying to trailer allowed at the agriplex grounds. Stalls have shavings.


CFB Breakaway Qualifier:

Sunday May 26 - Breakaway is a CFB Qualifier. CFB sidepot entry fee is $150 and need minimum 5 entries for sidepot to run. Pre-enter through or enter on-site through Nadine.


Ring Spearing:

Saturday Evening - 2nd Annual Ring Spearing competition after the rodeo

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